Manny & Candice

Manny & Candice



When it comes to leadership, Manny and Candice live by one driving principle: You can’t lead others to places you aren’t going yourself. A self-sacrificial heart to serve others is critical for purposeful and effective servant leadership.



Being a good person is about more than just unconsciously giving to charity. Manny and Candice believe that in all things, integrity and character play central roles. Changing the world begins with changing communities, and changing communities begins with a strong desire to promote the welfare of our neighbors.



It’s been said that you go nowhere by accident. The experience to have been able to travel the world has not only inspired Manny and Candice, but it’s also allowed them to realize that more often than not, people are in the right place at the right time. Success is what you do with those opportunities.

Self Developement1

Self Development

These three components – philanthropy, leadership, and travel – have all come together as opportunities to work on themselves and each other. A strong foundation for success begins with personal development. Manny and Candice have learned that self development isn’t magic – it only works if you do too.

Manny Winston was born and raised in Glen Allen, Virginia. During his late teenage years he moved to the Richmond area where he took several jobs in an effort to support himself as he struggled through finishing his education at Marymount University. Low income housing and dead-end jobs just couldn’t satisfy Manny anymore. At 19 years old, Manny ran into one of the most important business leadership and development teams of his life. One late June day, Manny met the person who would be his mentor, and the person who would help Manny begin the process of financial independence and control.

Manny began to realize that the mundane cycle of trading hours for dollars was never going to get him where he wanted to be. The passion for something more began to spark inside of Manny as he devoted the next several years to discovering a different way. By the age of 21, Manny had begun a business and was teaching others the concepts of financial freedom, and by 22, Manny’s business income had outweighed his corporate income.

Manny decided to walk away from corporate America and hasn’t looked back since.

By age 25, Manny had on-boarded three business partners, and together they’ve continued the journey to inspire and empower others into financial literacy.

Through this mentorship and on-boarding process, Manny met Candice Winston. Candice was born in Richmond and earned her bachelor’s in chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University. Candice shared Manny’s vision of wanting a better life; as their visions aligned, a relationship developed between Candice and Manny, and on June 18th, 2017, they were happily married.

With their business knowledge and combined assets, Candice was able to retire from her corporate position at the age of 25. Manny, together with Candice, pursue a life of teaching other willing entrepreneurs how to create their own lifestyle – fully in control of their finances, and their time.